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Pinikir Travels

There and Back Again, a Hobbit's Tale

22 July 1985
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harry potter || lord of the rings || st trinians || x-men (earth 616) || ncis || west wing || gundam wing || buffy the vampire slayer || inception || temeraire || a game of thrones || percy jackson || ouran high school host club
About Me
My name is Lauren and I am an rper, writer and a reader. I am one of your typical bloggers; I blog about my interests, my writing, and anything interesting snippets of news or reviews that I happen to hear about. This is probably the most boring introduction you've read but I promise I am a little more interesting than I sound right now!

I live with my friends in a semi-detatched house on road that is much closer to the town than the countryside. Things in the house tend to go bump in the night, between the three of us, there is always someone up, or it could be our resident nameless ghost trying to scare us, we have no idea if it is friendly or not! The house is decorated in a mixture of all our fandoms, we've got everything from daleks to swords peeking out from various places.

I love cooking and baking. Feel free to hit me up with any new recipes and in return I plan to share my favourites here. I've set out on the task to complete a fandom cookbook filled with all the meals and snacks a fandom person could ever want. So far lol I've recreated the Percy Jackson blue scrambled eggs on toast.

As I mentioned before and my muse list can be found over here. Take a look and free to PM this account or the rp journal, I love new interaction and trying out random ideas.

Thanks to rp I've turned into something of a lazy writer who constantly says 'one day I'll write that damn book'. I've decided to pull my socks up! I've got projects detailed on my writing journal profile and I am determined to see them through. Nanowrimo 2011 is going to be my catalysis this year.

Finally I dabble in graphics. My graphics journal is in the middle of a large overhall as it is hideously out of date. Soon I will plenty of fandom and stock grahics up there for people to go and prod it!

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